{8} Easy Crochet Edging Tutorials

{8} Easy Crochet Edging Tutorials

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I love crochet edgings, which is why I decided a post on crochet edging tutorials was in order!

There are may edgings to choose from but for those of you just getting started in crochet I’ve searched for the best tutorials I could find!

Why add a Crochet Edging

Adding crochet edging to your project can take wonky edges and make them fabulous! It can leave a professional look to any project

Crochet edgings can add elegance or even more uniqueness to your crochet projects.

Easiest Crochet Border Ever

I’m going to start out with 5 of the easiest crochet borders ever! They give any project a great finish and they are simple to add.

The Crab Stitch

The reverse single crochet stitch is known as the crab stitch crochet. Here are some great instructions for an often misunderstood stitch! It seems tricky but it’s not at all! This step by step tutorial is presented by Crochet 365

Crab Stitch Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial from youtube also. Presented by Tamara Kelly

Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Shell Edging

Shell edging is also called scallop edging. Shells give a more dainty looking finish. This one’s lovely on fancy gift washcloths, blankets and garments too.

This is an excellent tutorial by Tamara Kelly (again!)

Crochet Shell Stitch Crochet edge

Her tutorial includes videos too! But I wanted to include another tutorial on Youtube by
because it’s an excellent look at crocheting the stitch also.

Lovely isn’t it? Just the right touch!

The Picot Crochet Edging

You can use picots for a decorative edge that’s not going to outshine the pattern. This really simple edge uses only single crochet and chains. I’ve used it on many many projects over the years. It’s fast and fun to do.

This crochet edging technique is perfect for crochet blankets, crochet sweaters and more! Here is a great video tutorial on YouTube by iknitwithcatfur

Lovely and easy, right! I added this edge to a Pineapple Lace scarf one time and it was so perfect. Great finish for an ornate pattern.

Crochet Block Edging

This edging can be used in patterns as well! It’s perfect for blankets, crochet towels, and curtains! I really like it for home decor crochet stuff but you could use it anywhere you like!

This is a very good tutorial on youtube presented by ThePatternfamily

This crochet edging takes a bit more time than the previous edgings but on the right project, it’d be worth the extra time! It is a standout!

Crochet Blanket Edging

This one gets its name because it resembles the blanket stitch in embroidery. It’s a simple stitch that looks best in a contrasting color. It is also called a spike stitch and sometimes used in a pattern not just as edging.

This video tutorial is presented by VeryPink Knits

And yes, I’ve used this stitch on many blankets! It’s quick and so perfect for blankets! Gives that extra special handmade with care look to me.

Other Crochet Edging Tutorials

Those were some common and fairly basic crochet edgings but now I want to show a few crochet borders that are a bit different. Many a bit intermediate but still with good tutorials!

Puff Stitch Edging

This one is an easy stitch to work in when you want to add a lot of texture! Looks very cute on baby blankets and things for little kids! Also nice for a chunky scarf!

This picture tutorial is presented by My Merry Messy Life

Puff Stitch Tutorial

I love lots of texture like this on warm winter items!

Pumpkin Patch Edging

Here is a cute edging for your fall projects! Crochet edging with sweet little pumpkins in a little row! This one is also super simple and fast. It’s presented by Fiber Flux. Fantastic tutorial and there are videos on her site too!

Pumpkin Patch Edging

I’m already planning this on a fall scarf and maybe a nice fall blanket!

Pom Pom Edging

I’ve used this crochet edging on scarves I didn’t want fringe on but there needed to be something there! It takes a little getting used to but once you do it’s not hard.

This tutorial is presented by Bella Coco. Its very clear.

It’s fun to watch all the tiny pom poms take form as you make them! SO CUTE!

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