3 Angel Patterns for Crochet, Cro-tat and Tatting

3 Angel Patterns for Crochet, Cro-tat and Tatting

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The Christmas theme continues here with Crochet Angel patterns!

One for Cro-tatting, one for Crocheting and one for tatting! So take your pick and make 1 or all. These are tiny angels perfect for jewelry, card or tag decorations or mini trees. I love them and they are very quick to make.

So let’s get started…

3 Angel Patterns for Crochet, Cro-tat, and Tatting

It all started with this wrote out the pattern here, that I first saw on pinterest and then again on Facebook.

1.Tiny Tatting Angels Pattern 

Free Tatting Angel Pattern

You can find the pattern here (along with many more) on my Pinterest FREE Tatting Patterns board to save and download for yourself. I wish I knew the source so I could link to the designer’s blog but I don’t unfortunately. This pattern can be needle tatted, shuttle tatted and cro-tatted using a double tatting hook so you can tat the chains. For more info on tatting chains check this post How To Cro-tat

2. Tiny Angel Crochet Pattern 

This pattern is half inspired by the pattern above and half inspired by this crochet angel pattern Kaitlin’s Angels.

 Materials and tools: Aunt Lydia’s Thread #10 

Beading Needle.

9 size 8 seed beads per angel pre-strung onto the thread.

Size 7 thread hook.

Start Ch. 2

  1. 5 SC into the second chain, Before next SC *pull up a bead and then SC* repeat from * two more times. Slip Stitch into first SC and the second SC.
  2. Chain 3 and in the same add 2 DC and 1 HDC, Slip Stitch in the next 2 SC. Chain 2
  3. Turn and chain 2 more and in the same add 2 DC and 1 HDC, Slip Stitch into the center of the wings.
  4. Chain 3, pull up bead, chain 1. Then in the same center stitch in between the wings *TR , add bead* repeat from *4 more times.
  5. Fasten off, hide ends and block. I use a light stiffener. Then add earring hook and make another like I did here or add to a necklace.. so many possibilities.

3. Tiny Cro-Tat Angel Pattern

Materials and Tools: Lizbeth thread #10 (I tend to prefer Lizbeth threads for cro-tatting and aunt lydias for crochet)

Beading Needle.

8 size 8 seed beads per angel pre-strung.

I used a size 7 thread hook for the crochet and size 0 Takashima tatting hook to tat the rings.

Please note the * symbol used in the tatted ring patterns means add a bead between those DS.

  1.  R, 2-3 * 1 * 1* 3-2 Close
  2.  R, 2+3-1-1-3-2  Close
  3.  R, 2+5 * 5-2  Close
  4.  R, 2+3-1-1-5  Close

Now Using the thread hook slip stitch into the first picot on ring 1 and then in last picot made previously to join the head and wing and get into position to start the ‘crochet’ part.

The Crochet part

  1. Make *Eyelet Foundation Chain, pull up bead*,  repeat from * again. Now make an eyelet foundation chain and join into lower body ring bead picot. Then you will repeat from * to * 2 times. Make eyelet foundation chain and slip stitch in body/wing picot join.
  2. Fasten off, hide threads and block/stiffen.
  3. Add tree hook, make more for jewelry set.. get creative! These are quick, cute and fun!

Free angel crochet, cro-tat and tatting patterns

More info

If you do not know how to do a Foundation Eyelet chain stitch go here Eyelet Foundation Crochet stitch Tutorial  

If you are confused about an abbreviation I use Crochet Abbreviations Chart

To see more holiday crochet and tatting check my previous post-Filet Crochet Charts for Christmas

Tatted and Cro-tat Christmas Tree Earring pattern and  Cro-Tat Snowflake Earring Pattern

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