Bavarian Stitch Crochet , a gorgeous way to bring the colors!

Bavarian Stitch Crochet , a gorgeous way to bring the colors!

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Last year I noticed the Bavarian Stitch in Annie’s Attic crochet catalog. So I popped the book into my cart (they were having a sale!) and I’m finally getting around to doing a project with the stitch!

My annual blanket (in the featured image) of the year will be in this stitch technique. I love to make a blanket every year. I pick out a new technique or stitch pattern and take my time with it. Blankets need never be hurried! Doing this by the end of the blanket, you sure know that technique!

But back to the Bavarian crochet… Its such a gorgeous textured stitch pattern! and the way colors can be added to stand out is so eye-catching! No one knows the real origin of the technique, The story goes it was invented by a Bavarian mother and daughter then spread throughout Europe.


I will say the Bavarian Stitch makes a thick fabric. Yarn choice can lighten it of course but with the use of all the back post stitches its going to be on the bulkier side. Nothing I’d personally want a sweater out of but for a blanket, hats, scarves its nice and especially I could see a handbag! I love a handbag with a sturdy thick fabric and totally plan to do one using this technique!

It looks complicated but Its a very simple stitch pattern once you get through the first couple of rows. Something I can work on while watching TV. Which is also nice for a longer blanket project. I’d say a beginner with a working knowledge of basic steps could easily get this down!


I’ve gathered some links here for a little Bavarian Crochet Roundup to get you started if you’re interested in giving it a try!

A really nice looking free video tutorial from the Crochet Crowd here. If you only want to make a blanket all you would need is this more than likely Bavarian Square Tutorial

Here’s a nice youtube tutorial Bavarian Stitch Tutorial

Annie’s also has a complete online class from the author of the book above. I absolutely LOVE online classes! I’ve taken several of Annie’s and they have all been pretty good,,, some great! With as detailed as Jenny King is in her book I have no doubt this would be a great class to learn. Several patterns available with the class! Bavarian Online Class

Here’s a free Bavarian keyhole scarf pattern but you will have to be a member of Annie’s to get it. Its beautiful!  Bavarian Keyhole Scarf Pattern

Yarn and Hooks 

I have to warn you, the Bavarian Stitch does use a lot of yarn. For my blanket, I used the Caron one pound weight 4. The variegated yarn I used was Red Heart Supersaver wt.4 like these HERE. They are very similar yarns and work well together. Both brands are very economical to use. A necessary thing for me with a project that takes so much yarn.

For my blanket I’m using the I hook that comes with this set here CROCHET HOOK SET  

That should get you started if you don’t know the technique. It is a lot of fun! And not nearly as popular as I would think such an eye-catching, versatile technique should be! But its fun to be the one doing the ‘different’ thing then isn’t it?

Beyond the Bavarian Stitch

If you are into expanding your crochet skills with another versatile gorgeous crochet technique check out my post How To Cro-Tat ( crochet tatting)

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