Bulky Yarn: Crochet Drawstring Bag Pattern

Bulky Yarn: Crochet Drawstring Bag Pattern

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Bulky Yarns for Crochet

Bulky yarns and bulky art yarns are perfect for crochet! Bulky yarn crochet has really become a big thing over the last few years! I personally love them for there squishy textures and they usually work up really fast!

Some art yarns I’ve made and sold in the past

The thing that used to bother me about the bulky yarns is their limited uses. Well, that used to be a thing that bothered me! Now I just look at it as a fun challenge and another pattern writing experience! And apparently, so do many other crocheters because bulky yarn crochet patterns have taken front page! They are great confidence builders for beginners too!

It can still be especially challenging to find a crochet pattern for the more extravagant bulky art yarns! I get asked all the time ‘what do you make with any yarn?’


Why Art Yarn?

Art yarns are creative yarns, mostly thick and very bulky. Lots of texture, maybe curly locks hanging down, maybe some big beads or feathers! Maybe just extra fat and plied with a novelty yarn for even more flair!

Art yarns are typically short on yardage! Not a yarn done in big batches. Typically expensive when bought because they can be very time consuming and more expensive to make. Used a lot for eye-catching trimmings on cuffs or making fancy stand out fringes. A few years ago I wanted to use them more and came up with a few patterns to use with my art yarns. Which of course make great patterns for any bulky yarn!

Seems there are a lot of knitters that handspin. I’ve honestly not met a lot of crocheters that do though. Which is really a shame… crochet and handspun bulky art yarns work outstanding together!

Why Bulky yarns and art yarns work so well with crochet

With crochet having a knack for looking amazing in free form and being very forgiving, art yarn can shine! Use of simple stitches and large hooks ensure the textures can be fully enjoyed and that the projects are fast. After all, using a bulky art yarn for a project is about showing off the yarn.. not uniform or fancy stitch skills.

Its all about the yarn!

So to show off your bulky yarn or art yarn here is a simple crochet drawstring bag pattern. Commercially made bulky yarns are perfect for this pattern.

Please keep in mind that art yarns are SO different to work with. They have range! You need to be flexible when using art yarns and sometimes adjust as you go, another beautiful and easy thing about crochet. Easy to adjust! Use your own creativity and judgment when making anything using one of these special yarns. Most are truly one of a kind never to be made again.


You will need to know HDC , CH and SC. You can do color changes or make it all one color if you have enough.

Hook size: P or N depending on how bulky. You want to be able to easily get the hook in and out of stitches

Gauge is not important

Yarn: 100 to 150 yards of same or various but close to the same size art yarns

Start: Ch 3, SS in first CH to form a ring

Starting Rnd 1: Ch 2, 6 HDC in ring

2: Ch 2, 2 HDC in each stitch, SS in top of CH 2

3: Ch 2, *2 HDC in next stitch, 1 HDC in next stitch, repeat *, ss in top of ch 2

4: Ch 2, * 1 HDC in next 2 stitches, 2 HDC in next stitch, repeat *, ss in top of ch 2

5: Ch 2 HDC in front loop of each stitch around (this gives the bag a bit more defined ‘bottom’. You can simply HDC in each stitch like normal if you choose though. SS in top chain 2

Continuing Rnd 6 through 11 (or more in you want a taller bag and have enough yarn): Ch 2, HDC in each stitch around, ss in top of ch 2

To change colors for the next row complete the last stitch, which will be a slip stitch, by pulling in the new color change. Then you can hold the previous color end and the new tail between stitches so you won’t have to sew in the ends later.

Rnd 12: Ch 3 (counts as HDC and 1 ch) skip next stitch, HDC in next. * CH 1, skip a stitch , HDC in next stitch, repeat from *  until beginning ch 3, ending with a chain, ss in second ch from the top.

Fasten Off weave in end.

Finishing the Drawstring Crochet Bag

The possibilities are limitless for a drawstring. Sometimes I crochet a foundation chain, sometimes I use a coordinating cord, sometimes I simply use a strong piece of the handspun yarn. Weave in and out of the skipped stitches on Rnd 12.. here I pulled through, tied a knot and made a beaded tassel. Sometimes (look at bags in the first pic) I make a tassel of lock yarns. Again lots of possibilities! Use your creative mind and come up with something fabulous and unique to you!

And you’re DONE!! Please if you have any questions just drop me an email or pm me through my facebook page or personal page. I try my best to make my little patterns understandable to everyone but if something just doesn’t I’m more than happy to try and help you.

To Line or not to line

Ok. Maybe you’re done…or!!! You can line the bag.. though I admit to not liking most of these little bags because the yarn is so thick and sturdy. But overall I do prefer a lined bag. Makes them last longer and hold their shape nicely. Plus I love the peek of a special cute fabric every time I open my bag like these two fabrics here.

If you know how to draw off a pattern and sew go for it! If not there are a few tutorials you can google on ‘no sew lining crochet bags’

I do hope to post my own easy way to line a bag in a future post but for now… I think my cro-tatting hooks may be calling my name!

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Learning to Spin and Dye your own Yarns

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Stay Creative my friends!!

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