{12} Crochet Scarf Patterns For Beginners

crochet scarves for beginners

The scarf is an excellent place to start after you’ve learned the basics and have the hang of the hook. So I’ve searched the net to put together the easiest crochet scarf patterns for beginners that I could find. Crocheting the same stitches multiple times can help you develop muscle memory quickly in your hands … Read more{12} Crochet Scarf Patterns For Beginners

Crochet Glove Patterns {10 Free Patterns}

Crochet Glove Patterns

There are many kinds of crochet glove patterns! Fingerless gloves, mittens, crochet gloves with a flap and crochet gloves with fingers! I’m going to be concentrating on the Easy Crochet glove pattern for beginners today! I’ve lined up some of the easiest crochet patterns I could find as well as some videos on youtube for … Read moreCrochet Glove Patterns {10 Free Patterns}

Why Block Your Crochet

how to block crochet

Blocking is an important step toward making your crocheted pieces look more professional. It’s a way of finishing your projects using water and sometimes heat. Proper blocking of a crocheted garment or accessory can make you project look and/or fit better! Blocking can help restore symmetrical balance to a misshapen project too. Blocking sets your … Read moreWhy Block Your Crochet

Crochet Journal Planner for the new year!

I couldn’t even begin to accomplish all I get done without a crochet journal planner to motivate and inspire me! This year I’ve crocheted well over 100 items for gifts, for my Etsy shop and for myself! I wrote many new patterns and published 8 since September! I’ve learned 6 brand new crochet techniques and learned how to do all … Read moreCrochet Journal Planner for the new year!