How to do Filet Crochet

how to do filet crochet

The Easiest of the Crochet Laces! I grew up seeing Filet Lace Crochet around my grandmothers and great grandmothers homes. Most often as decorative curtains or table runners. It always looked so interesting because there was always a picture in the design! When I started crocheting several years ago it was one of the first … Read moreHow to do Filet Crochet

Broomstick Lace {Beginners Guide}

Broomstick lace crochet

Broomstick lace is a historic crochet technique from the 1800s. Traditionally a crochet hook and broomstick was used. It is also known as jiffy lace and peacock eye crochet. In Sweden, it is called “Lattice Loop.” Americans claim broomstick crochet as their own because there is evidence that the early settlers used it as a quick … Read moreBroomstick Lace {Beginners Guide}

Hairpin Lace [Step By Step Guide]

learn hairpin lace crochet

No one knows for sure when the hairpin lace crochet technique was developed or who was the first to discover it. Though Katherine of Aragon is sometimes given credit for it. Publications from the late 1800s have referred to it as ‘Old Fashioned Hairpin Lace’. Therefore, even then, it was thought to have been around … Read moreHairpin Lace [Step By Step Guide]

Tunisian Crochet [Beginners Guide]

Learn Tunisian Crochet

Let me start by saying there’s no proof of a connection between Tunisian crochet and the country of Tunisia. According to some, Tunisian crochet could derive from a technique which uses two long needles with a hooked point, apparently well known in Africa and Central Asia, named hooked knitting. It’s possible that to simplify the work, … Read moreTunisian Crochet [Beginners Guide]

Filet Crochet Charts for Christmas

Filet Crochet Charts

Filet Crochet is a lace crochet technique that was created to imitate a lace that is sometimes called lacis. But with basic crochet stitches, tiny hooks and thread, filet crochet looked the same and could be created much quicker and easier!  Filet Crochet can be found in needlework books in the 19th century and was … Read moreFilet Crochet Charts for Christmas

Crochet Tatting Snowflake Earring Pattern

Cro-tatting pattern

This months crochet tatting earring pattern is Snowflakes! Hopefully, you aren’t tired of snowflakes after last weeks  Snowflake Pattern Roundup  I like these cute little earrings for many reasons. They are fast and make great gifts and they can be worn throughout winter, not just for the holidays. Most tatting patterns can be used with any … Read moreCrochet Tatting Snowflake Earring Pattern

Vintage Stitch Crochet Scarf

Finding beginner crochet patterns that are pretty and interesting can be a challenge! Which is why I’ve decided to write up and share this vintage stitch crochet scarf pattern. It’s lovely and lacy looking. But super simple! Using only single crochets and chain stitches! The barest basics we begin with when learning crochet. I’ve included … Read moreVintage Stitch Crochet Scarf

Bavarian Stitch Crochet , a gorgeous way to bring the colors!

Bavarian stitch crochet is a fun technique that makes super warm blankets! #crochet #bavariancrochet

Last year I noticed the Bavarian Stitch in Annie’s Attic crochet catalog. So I popped the book into my cart (they were having a sale!) and I’m finally getting around to doing a project with the stitch! My annual blanket (in the featured image) of the year will be in this stitch technique. I love … Read moreBavarian Stitch Crochet , a gorgeous way to bring the colors!