About Me

About Me

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I’ve been sewing and crocheting for many years now. I started my first little home business in 1994 making dolls to sell to cottage shops in TN and GA.

Life of a Maker

I started making and selling custom designed and hand beaded costumes for middle eastern dancers in the 90’s. In the 2000’s I had expanded that to ballroom salsa dance dresses and many other fun and wonderful hand-sewn garments.

Life Changing Moment: Then I learned to crochet!

Sewing took a very backseat as I pursued technique and special stitches of the art in order to get better at my new found favorite thing to do!

Since then I have dove right into the many different techniques crocheters have developed over the years! Like Tunisian, broomstick lace, Irish lace, Cro-tatting and more! Crochet is my number 1 favorite art!

Time to share the heritage art I love!

I started this new blog because I wanted to share my love for crochet and help others learn the joys of this incredible art.

I tried multiple times to learn to crochet! I took lessons, had a friend show me, bought DVD’s but I couldn’t ‘get it’.

Finally, in 2009 armed with a hook set and vintage Mon Tricot ‘how to crochet’ book from my late mother in law I learned to crochet and I haven’t stopped hooking since!

I believe we are all happier when we are able to create something beautiful with our hands.

Every day I am thankful and blessed to be here, making beautiful crochet things with my own hands and passing the knowledge to others.

That’s my maker’s life in a nutshell!

God Bless and keep learning!

Sharing is caring!