Crochet Christmas Gifts [FREE Organizers!]

Crochet Christmas Gifts [FREE Organizers!]

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I still get excited after all these years about making crochet Christmas Gifts! There have been many years I’ve made every gift I’ve given for Christmas! It required some prep work but it was well worth it.

I saved a ton of money and I felt really good about what I was giving. Many people want to give handmade gifts but may feel like it’s to much trouble or maybe the recipient won’t like what you are giving.

IMO, it’s less trouble than going shopping! I feel like most everyone I know can buy whatever they want so who cares if I buy that same thing. But If I make something they couldn’t have gotten anywhere else… isn’t that more special?

If I plan ahead of time I save myself tons of drama during the Christmas shopping season. I can just enjoy the season then! Knowing everyone will get a nice gift I’ve put a lot of thought into lets me relax while everyone else seems frantic and worried!

I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone look like ‘oh gee, thanks’ when I’ve given them crochet or other handmade gifts. It’s more like ‘wow! thank you!’ That feels amazing!

6 Reasons Why You Should Give Handmade Gifts

  1. You determine the quality. You can make sure what you give is made to last using the best supplies!
  2. For the person who has everything! But they probably do not have what you are making them! Sure maybe they have a hat, but not a hand crochet hand in their favorite color!
  3. Personalized! Like mentioned in 2, they may have similar things but you can make something in their favorite colors or styles. Maybe in a yarn you know they will love but would never buy themselves, like something with cashmere!
  4. One of a Kind! Unless you make 2 of the same to give to 2 people. Your gift will be unique to that person. Many people love having something no one else has!
  5. You can save $, IF you plan ahead, buy on sale. You can usually save a lot of money on gifts. It’s really helped me out in ‘lean’ years!
  6. You are doing something you love! You are sharing your talents and enjoying something you love. So unless you just love fighting holiday crowds this is another way you get to enjoy more of your life.

Guide to Handmade Gift Giving

So you’ve decided you want to go for this! The handmade Christmas!! And the sooner you start the better and more time to relax!

But what to make? Thankfully the internet makes this pretty easy! Just go to google or Pinterest, type in ‘crochet gift ideas for…’ and be amazed! You may need to make special files or boards for your findings.

Men are notoriously hard to make things for but check out these ideas here presented by

Premeditated Leftovers

Easy Peasy! Thank you pinterest!

Get Order; Christmas Organization Printables

Now, to get organized! You need to be as organized as possible for this to work. This includes other holiday activities, your house, meals, budgets and whatever else you may need to do to keep order. These things need to be in order so you won’t stress or worry about them while you are enjoying making your crochet Christmas gifts!

I find binders and printables really helpful to get organized for the holidays. Check these out! They are all FREE and will help you get all your holiday planning in order.

There are many Christmas organizing printables but I really love these FREE printables by

Tessie Fay

I also really like how these ladies put their Christmas printable together! Great idea to keep things all together in a neat little notebook. Inexpensive too!

Check out Eighteen 25

Get the Crochet Christmas Gift Planner

Now finally, the planning crochet Christmas gifts part! Once you have your gift ideas on boards or in files, you will want to start planning and crocheting ASAP! Anytime I’ve successfully crocheted (or made other things) for all my gifts I’ve typically started in July or August.

Seems a bit drastic maybe but it’s actually wonderful! It’s a great excuse to cut out myself some crochet time in the busy summer months!

I LOVE this Crochet Christmas planner by Marley Bird! You’ll want to print this out and get started!


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