Crochet Journal Planner for the new year!

Crochet Journal Planner for the new year!

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I couldn’t even begin to accomplish all I get done without a crochet journal planner to motivate and inspire me!

This year I’ve crocheted well over 100 items for gifts, for my Etsy shop and for myself! I wrote many new patterns and published 8 since September! I’ve learned 6 brand new crochet techniques and learned how to do all three tatting methods. None of these things could be done without a plan and inspiration.

I learned to plan the perfect sweater every time with a planner like this. You can read more about that here Planning the Perfect Crochet Sweater

Begin the Plan! Crochet Inspiration!

When it comes to inspiration I do look mostly to Pinterest for that. Here are my Pinterest boards if you need some inspiration Handworks Crochet Boards and more! I also love to print pictures of favorite colorway inspirations and unique items to add them to my planner.

Planning helps me stay focused and retain learning too. Plus it’s amazing to look back at all those accomplishments for the year!

Let’s take a look at why you need a crochet journal planner?

crochet journal planner

5 Reasons Why You Need a Crochet Planner

  1. To keep better track of all your projects! Let’s face it we all get overwhelmed by too many UFO’s (un-finished objects) sometimes! A crochet planner has helped me to avoid UFO overwhelm! It can also help you keep track of your stash and pattern notes. This way if you want to repeat a pattern but made changes you’ll have them available. 
  2. Helps to keep you focused on actually finishing projects! This way you don’t get caught a month out for Christmas and no presents to give! Or worse an empty Etsy shop during the holidays if crochet is your side hustle!
  3. So you can make sure you cut out time for yourself! Having it down on paper helped me to be sure I cut out time for crocheting. This helped me meet my goals for the year. You deserve crochet time!
  4. You will GREATLY increase your productivity! Having a planner can lead to getting into momentum so you really start cranking out those projects! 
  5. The benefit of looking back and seeing ALL you accomplished in a year! I love that! So then when your husband asks ‘why do you need more yarn?’ you can show him all you produced! Ha! Because you will use all that yarn up!


The expanded version is a cover page, goals note page, a yearly goals overview, a monthly calendar, a weekly planner, project planner pages, note pages, a holiday and occasion guide, AND an abbreviation guide! Just print as many as you want for each month, week and project! Just click this link …


So you printed it, now what?

How to Make a Crochet Planner with a Binder

I keep my Crochet journal planner in a cheap binder! It’s easy to build a beautiful planner! My crochet journal planner is in PDF and you can print as many pages as you need.

You can stick it in a binder and use as is or you can use it as a beginning template and build out from there. Add inspirational pictures, patterns you want to make, yarn samples!

This video isn’t exactly about a crochet planner but it will give you ideas on building your own personal crochet planner!

More Ideas to Personalize Your Crochet Planner

This link shows even more ways you can add personalization to your planner. Maybe you want to add a menu plan or a daily to-do list (which of course includes crocheting!)

This post from Retro House Wife goes Green has some neat ideas! How to create a DIY Planner

 “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Want a Crochet Planner? Don’t want to make one?

It’s totally ok if you’d prefer to buy a crochet journal/planner! Maybe you’d rather spend all your creative time crocheting and writing in a pre-made for your book to help you organize and get on track with your crocheting.

Here are some awesome choices from Amazon which aren’t very expensive! Especially if you use it to be more productive for your business or to make gifts so you don’t have to buy them! Then having a crochet journal planner is more like an investment in your success to make or save money!

I used a made for me option before I decided to make my own. Nothing wrong with that!

I love these options from amazon! The Boye is excellent! The other suggestion is less expensive and looks really nice too.

Boye 12 Month Crochet Planner

Crochet Journal

Those are just a couple of options! There are others on amazon.

To Inspire and Create

Most of all I hope this crochet planner journal helps you to be inspired to create more! Creativity is such an important part of who we are. It relieves stress, makes us feel good and accomplished!

For creative types, it’s better than a spa treatment. Taking time out to crochet is self-care! Having a planner and being organized just helps you form good habits with your creativity.

More Crochet Inspiration

Follow my Pinterest boards for plenty of inspiration to get going! Print out some patterns or pictures!

Be inspired today and everyday! Handworks Crochet Boards

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