Easy Chunky Crochet Hat in 20 Minutes!

Easy Chunky Crochet Hat in 20 Minutes!

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I have literally made dozens of these easy chunky crochet hats with this pattern I’m about to share with you! It’s my absolute go-to pattern for sales and quick gifts. It’s also a great pattern when you simply need an instant gratification project! Or a project to get back your cro-jo after a long break!

chunky yarn crochet hat pattern

I looked at many quick crochet hats and made many before coming up with this pattern. After making it a few times I’m happy to say I can turn one out in yes, 20 minutes! Which makes it the perfect hat for sales. Return on investment is important to me. As you know it can be hard to get enough money for a handmade crochet time to justify your time. This hat is no problem!

This 20 minute does not include pompom making or sewing on, just so you know. I wanted to mention that since I do have pics of some with poms.

Working with Bulky Yarns

Ok, Bulky yarns can be expensive and that’s fine but if I’m really working with a budget in mind I don’t use them for resale items. That way I pocket more profits for my efforts! We know, handmade selling isn’t easy. With Etsy fees and card fees, not to mention envelops and supplies for shipping! It adds up so the less I can make something for the better.

Yes I know, Bulky yarns are FAST! but you know what else is fast. Holding 3 much less expensive worsted weight yarns together to make a bulky yarn works too! This can take some getting used to but after you do you will fly through this pattern! I personally like the way holding 3 strands looks better than just the big bulky yarns for hats. Extra bulky yarns can make my head look too big but I suppose that could just be me!

So you still have an easy chunky crochet hat! But without the expensive of bulky yarn and you have options to combine interesting colors!

Giving your hats a unique look!

FREE and easy chunky crochet hat pattern in 20 minutes!

Things to keep in mind

Everyone crochets at a different speed. Yes, I’m fast! I’ve been crocheting fairly non-stop for going on 10 years now! I’ve also made this pattern about a hundred times! Seriously I don’t even need to look at the pattern anymore. I’ve got it memorized!

That said, yes, I can easily make this hat in 20 minutes not counting the pompom but this pattern is SO easy even a beginner should be able to make it in around 30 minutes.

Keep in mind this is a stretchy pattern. Its made to fit slightly snug on a small to medium size lady. If you would like it bigger hold an extra strand of yarn or add 2 more stitches to the 1st row.

So here you go!

My 20 Minute Fast and Fabulous Crochet hat pattern

FREE 20 Minute Chunky Crochet Hat Pattern


20 minutes crochet hat pattern from Handworks from the Heart

Be on the lookout for the super easy Fast and Fabulous Glove pattern too! Another 20 minutes and you have a set! Get on my list to be notified when it’s ready!

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Other Easy Chunky Crochet Hat patterns

Crocheting with chunky yarns can be addictive! They are just so fast and easy. Here is another simple pattern I really like using a chunky yarn. It’s from the Unraveled Mitten blog. She adds a cute button to it to make it look extra cute!

Oakland Chunky Crochet Hat

Chunky Crochet Hat with Video Tutorial!

Check out this super cute crochet hat pattern! It’s from The Stitch Maker.

Easy Chunky Crochet Hats on Pinterest!

I LOVE Pinterest! Pinning is almost a hobby itself! Here are a couple of Chunky Crochet hat patterns I found there that I really like! The first one is from Marly Bird.

The second is from Sweet Everly B.

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