Filet Crochet Charts for Christmas

Filet Crochet Charts for Christmas

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Filet Crochet is a lace crochet technique that was created to imitate a lace that is sometimes called lacis. But with basic crochet stitches, tiny hooks and thread, filet crochet looked the same and could be created much quicker and easier!  Filet Crochet can be found in needlework books in the 19th century and was known as square crochet and was first recorded as being called filet crochet in 1912.

It’s the easiest of all the crochet laces I’ve ever learned. If you can make chains, single crochet and double crochet you can make filet crochet! And the filet crochet charts are the easiest of any crochet (or tatting) chart I’ve ever learned to read. Once you learn the basics of Filet crochet you can easily use almost any needlework chart to create a filet project.  I’ve used cross stitch charts many times to create filet crochet pictures and projects like the star chart below from Pinterest.

filet crochet star chart

How to do filet crochet

I personally learned filet crochet through this online class with the Stitch Diva herself, Jennifer Hanson Open Work Lace Class. This class teaches other techniques of crochet lace which I have now learned as well. It’s an excellent class. You can’t go wrong with the Stitch Diva! When you sign up for craftsy they will send you a welcome coupon and many others after that! Its one of the ways I’ve expanded my skills so much over the last few years because being able to rewind as many times as needed is a plus.

I just tend to learn much quicker with video too.

If you learn fine with pictures you can check out this nice tutorial from Red Heart Guide to Filet Crochet 

Annie’s has a Knit and Crochet episode featuring a simple filet crochet market bag that is inexpensive  Knit and Crochet Now Filet Crochet bag

You can do filet crochet with DK and lighter weight yarns too! I made a lovely filet skull scarf last year with DK weight yarn. I love crochet lace with thread though. You can start with a size 3 thread like these Aunt Lydia’s #3 and move into size threads like these favorites of mine Aunt Lydia’s #10 when you get used to the technique for a more delicate lace look. My favorite hook with thread is a steel thread hook #7 that was made in the 1920s. It was in my mother in laws collection. They can be found inexpensively on eBay and Etsy.

Where to find Filet Crochet Charts

There are many books and images on the Internet you can use for Filet Crochet. I’m going to post some links here to some Free Christmas Filet Charts! After all ’tis the season 🙂 and I’ll add some non- holiday filet crochet boards as well.

Pinterest! Oh, the charts to be used on Pinterest are endless! To get you started looked here is a link to my Christmas Crochet board which contains some charts that can be used for filet Christmas Crochet Board

This is a blog post with a simple Filet Crochet instructions and 4 Beginner Christmas filet charts! Christmas Filet Crochet

And here is my ALL filet crochet board Pinterest Filet Crochet Board

This is a massive filet crochet chat board by a lady named Nermin check it out! Huge Crochet Filet Chart Board

Don’t want to look through boards, maybe need something more clear, more guidance for projects, here are Annie’s Christmas Filet patterns (pictured below) and as of today, they are on sale! Annie’s Christmas Filet Crochet Patterns 

Christmas crochet filet charts

Look at this! This is a huge book of good charts 101 Filet Crochet patterns and chart. It’s full of super nice charts 101 Crochet Filet Charts Book I really like this book!

So there you have it and I really hope this helps you learn the technique of Filet crochet. It is so fun and easy!

Never Stop Learning

One of my goals next year is to create some projects using filet crochet and then add an edging of tatted lace! I think a filet crochet top edged in crochet tatting lace would be an absolutely stunning thing to make! That’s a big goal so I’ll more than likely start with a Filet Crochet scarf edged in crochet tatting lace which would also be a perfect summer project! If you’re interested in learning how to do crochet tatting (aka Cro-tat and aka hook tatting!) do check out my post on how I learned to Cro-tat here: How to Cro-tat

Always looking ahead!

Until next time! Stay Creative!

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