Crochet Tatting Snowflake Earring Pattern

Crochet Tatting Snowflake Earring Pattern

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This months crochet tatting earring pattern is Snowflakes! Hopefully, you aren’t tired of snowflakes after last weeks  Snowflake Pattern Roundup 

I like these cute little earrings for many reasons. They are fast and make great gifts and they can be worn throughout winter, not just for the holidays. Most tatting patterns can be used with any tatting method but this one is more specific to crochet tatting because of the special crochet stitches used for the points. Unless you completely modified and changed the EFCH to tatted chains which an experienced tatter could certainly do. It’s really a simple pattern. Just maybe made a little more special because of the EFCH.

Simple Crochet Tatting Snowflake pattern

What skills and materials you will need

You will need a tatting hook and a thread crochet hook. I used a 1.4 mm from Lacis on one set and the Takashima size 0 on another. They came out about the same. If you don’t know where to get a tatting hook to check out my Resource Library here.

I used size 8 silver seed beads and nickel free earring post.

You will need to know how to tat rings and do an Eyelet Foundation Chain! I love crochet Eyelet Foundation chains! If you aren’t familiar with this technique go here for a fantastic tutorial Crochet Eyelet Foundation Chain Stitch Tutorial

Adding beads to work is also a skill you will need. Go here if you don’t know how Adding Beads to cro-tatting tutorial

So there are a few skills to know here but once you know these 3 skills this pattern is crazy fast and easy!

You can use Lizbeth  Snow White thread like in the featured pictures or Aunt Lydia’s thread is fine too! Maybe be a bit adventurous and use blue or some other color. This pattern could also pass for a ‘star’ earring! So break out the creativity and enjoy this pattern I wrote for you!  You are welcome to share it and encouraged to pin it! Just please give my website address if you do!

Crochet Tatting Snowflake PDF

Skills Needed: 1. How to Tatt rings 2. how to do crochet eyelet foundation chains (EFCH) 3. how to add beads Materials: 1.4 mm tatting hook #10 crochet thread hook. Size #10 white thread size 8 silver beads Earring findings

Learn how to cro-tat!

If you are a total beginner to crochet tatting just out this post How to Cro-tat

I love this art and hope it brings you as much joy as it does me! If you need help with a pattern or learning please don’t hesitate to email

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