Hairpin Lace [Step By Step Guide]

Hairpin Lace [Step By Step Guide]

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No one knows for sure when the hairpin lace crochet technique was developed or who was the first to discover it. Though Katherine of Aragon is sometimes given credit for it.

Publications from the late 1800s have referred to it as ‘Old Fashioned Hairpin Lace’. Therefore, even then, it was thought to have been around for a while. 

A real hairpin would have been used for the technique back then. The yarn would have been a very fine thread worked with a very small bone crochet hook. In the Victorian publications of the time, it would not be uncommon for the reader to be given instructions on how to make their own hairpin loom by bending a wire. 

Thankfully today we have many ‘looms’ that we use for the technique!

I have long been in love with hairpin lace! It creates some of the most beautiful crochet items I’ve ever seen! It wasn’t hard to learn either but like with most things there’s a learning curve.

It works up fast projects when you get it though!

What is Hairpin Lace Crochet?

Hairpin lace is a beautiful variation on crochet, in which you combine a standard crochet hook with a loom to create openwork lacey designs. Nothing compares! It’s very eye-catching!

Things to know about Hairpin lace:

  • You work with a crochet hook and a loom to create the stitch patterns.
  • You will be rotating the hairpin lace loom towards you throughout the process.
  • Hairpin lace is always worked in strips; the strips are joined together to create bigger projects.

Much like broomstick lace there is a basic stitch technique then many many variations!

The Tool you need!

The hairpin loom! You can buy them on Amazon or at most craft stores. They are not expensive but they are necessary to make this stunning technique!

This is what the loom looks like. There are many different looms and some variation in sizes. I started with a basic one from Joann’s and still use it today!

How to do Hairpin Lace

First here is an excellent pic tutorial on making hairpin lace in 4 easy steps! PLUS a FREE scarf pattern! It’s presented and designed by Interweave! One of my favorite sources for crochet information!

How to Crochet Hairpin Lace

And of course, I always like to include a video tutorial too! This is presented by Ruby Stedman

Here is a great video tutorial on joining the strips from the American Crochet Association. Once you can join the strips you can make just about anything!

The Variations are endless!

Once you get the hang of it then you can do variations like this one presented by Sheruknitting

Here’s another unique variation with crochet flowers down the spine!

Hairpin Lace Patterns for Beginners

Good hairpin lace patterns can be hard to find. I like searching eBay for vintage books with patterns and I also love going to Ravelry

If you haven’t joined Ravelry yet you should! It’s amazing for all crocheters no matter if you are advanced or beginner.

Hairpin Crochet Inspiration!

Most of these pictures lead to sites in another language but many include diagrams so all you need to do is make strips and join the way the diagram suggests.

Hair Pin Lace cardigan! Who wouldn’t love this!

A gorgeous top!

It can be used for in the round projects too!

This pattern is on esty! Its lovely isn’t it?

Need More Inspiration?

Follow my Pinterest Hairpin Crochet Boards!

There are so many pictures to get you inspired. I update my boards often!

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