How to Crochet Step By Step {Guide}

How to Crochet Step By Step {Guide}

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Learning to crochet did not come easy to me! I took classes, had a friend try to show me, bought how to crochet DVDs and new crochet books! Nothing helped!

What I needed was a very bare bone basic how to crochet step by step approach that I wasn’t getting from these sources! I tried for years and nothing clicked.

In 2009 I received an old vintage Mon Tricot Book on how to crochet from my late mother in law. Armed with cheap yarn and a hook I sat down and finally learned how to crochet in the step by step manner I needed.

That book is long out of print but I’ve put together a How to Crochet step by step that follows that book to the T! I’ll be using youtube and the best examples of picture tutorials I can find on the internet that can help you to learn to crochet in the step by step method I learned with.

I find that watching and seeing really good step by step crochet pictures always helps me get the stitch I’m trying to learn faster!

All you need is yarn, an inexpensive acrylic weight 4 is perfect and a hook. I recommend a size J or K.

The Very Beginning: Crochet Slip Knot

It all starts with a slip knot! It’s not hard to make a crochet slip know but it can be confusing at first if you aren’t accustomed to using yarn! Here is the best you and the clearest picture tutorial I found.

Picture Tutorial: Crochet Slip Knot

How is the best You Tube tutorial I could find showing how to make the Crochet slip knot

Once you’ve mastered the crochet slip knot it’s time to move on to how to crochet a chain.

How to Crochet a Chain

The chain was probably the easiest thing to get when I started out crocheting. Here is an excellent picture tutorial on how to crochet a chain.

Spruce Crafts: How to Crochet a Chain

How to Single Crochet

Next you need to learn the single crochet. Single crochet will serve as the foundation for your crocheting ventures. Almost all stitches are typically variations of this core stitch. Once you know how to single crochet you can use this stitch over and over again, alone or in combination with other stitches.

Spruce Crafts: How to Single Crochet

Now here is a great video on how to single crochet on youtube.

How to Half Double Crochet

The half double crochet is probably my favorite basic stitch. It’s fast to make and adds a bit of height to your projects making it seem like they are getting done so fast! This is a simple picture tutorial on how to half double crochet.

Half Double Crochet Picture

Here is a good video showing the step by step of the half double crochet

How to Double Crochet

I also really love double crochet. It take a second longer than half souble crochet because you have to wrap the yarn twice but it does add more height to the project. It’s a fun easy stitch once you get the hang of it.

You can do a lot of variations of this stutch to give different unquie qualities. Here is a good picture tutorial on learning how to double crochet.

Yarn Counsel: How to Double Crochet

Of course, there are some great videos of this popular stitch! Here is a really good one! It has some trouble shooting advice too!

How to Triple Crochet (aka Treble Crochet)

Fun and easy! Once you can double crochet you will have triple crochet stitch down in no time! This stitch really adds a lot of height quickly! It’s great for bulky yarns but it’s fantastic with lighter yarn too because of the quick height you are adding.

Here is a great picture tutorial on how to triple crochet!

Spruce Crafts: How to Triple Crochet

And also a fantastic video explaining triple crochet stitch step by step!

Easy Beginner Crochet Patterns

With this basic combination of stitches, you can make many different crochet patterns! With all the beginner crochet patterns available for free even better!

I highly recommend you start with wash clothes and scarves. They are the easiest way for you to get the hang of the stitches quickly. Giving your hand’s muscle memory when performing the stitches over and over again is so helpful!

To be good at something you need to commit 20 hours to it. That’s it! Start with 30 minutes a day or more and you’ll be amazed at how fast you can master these basic crochet stitches and have some lovely scarves and wash clothes too!

When I sat down with my mother in laws how to crochet step by step book I was in the car, husband driving, for a 9 hour trip to and from our destination. By the time I got back home, I had made several wash clothes in different basic stitches and 2 scarves!

Not suggesting you have to spend 9 hours doing this right off but blocking out 30 minutes to an hour every day you will master these stitches and be crocheting them with total ease!

Crochet Wash Cloth Pattern

This is a super simple crochet washcloth pattern. I suggest you follow this pattern with single crochet then make wash clothes with the other basic stitches.

Easiest Crochet Pattern Ever

Absolute Beginner Crochet Scarf Pattern

Here is a beginner crochet scarf pattern in video form. Scarves made with basic stitches are just longer wash clothes essentially! This is a well-done video here.

Now, here is a Free beginner crochet patterns I have available on my site. It’s just a series of chains and single crochet stitches which makes for a fast and lacy looking scarf!

Vintage Crochet Scarf Pattern

Keep Crocheting!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this How to Crochet step by step article! I hope it was clear and easy to follow. Crochet is an amazing art with endless possibilities!


Practice makes Progress!!!

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