How to do Filet Crochet

How to do Filet Crochet

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The Easiest of the Crochet Laces!

I grew up seeing Filet Lace Crochet around my grandmothers and great grandmothers homes. Most often as decorative curtains or table runners. It always looked so interesting because there was always a picture in the design!

When I started crocheting several years ago it was one of the first crochet laces I wanted to learn but I had a hard time following and understanding the instruction.

I realize now it was just my lack of attention I was giving it. It required some concentration but after I understood it I flew through it!

I loved I could create pictures of anything I wanted! For any season or special occasion.

It’s actually the easiest of all the crochet laces I’ve learned. How did I learn? I took a course on Craftsy by one of my favorite instructors.

It wasn’t expensive but it wasn’t free.

I’ve put together a How to do Filet Crochet guide right here for FREE though! Complete with video tutorials and places you can find free filet charts!

What is Filet Crochet

Like many of the crochet techniques, it was created to mimic lace. The lacemaking art of filet (sometimes called lacis) was worked by creating a mesh of squares before filling in some of the squares with weaving to create a design or picture.

With the basic crochet chain and simple double crochet, the lace pictures of filet could be crocheted more quickly and easily. Making this technique much more easily accessible.

The term “filet crochet” appeared as early as 1912, but the technique-then known as square crochet- appeared much earlier.

With a basic understanding of the crochet stitches and this technique, you can create filet crochet designs from cross-stitch, needlepoint, or filet charts!

This opens up a lot of creative possibilities! You can even easily create your own filet charts with a pencil, graph paper, and a bit of creativity.

How to do Filet Lace Crochet

I found this amazing step by step tutorial on how to do filet lace crochet! It’s really well done. If I had seen it before the Craftsy class I’m sure I could have figured it out using this guide.

It’s pretty much EVERYTHING you could ever ask to learn filet, including worksheets to help you figure those confusing graphs out! Really great job by blogger Dream a Little Bigger

Then I also found this excellent filet tutorial on youtube. It’s really good too! Both these resources combined should have you well on your way to created beautiful lace filet crochet designs. It’s presented by Scribble.

Want More Filet Patterns?

I’ve got a huge amount of Filet charts saved on my Pinterest board. Check it out and follow! I update often! Handworks Pinterest Filet Crochet Board.

And I also have this post on filet lace featuring Christmas Filet crochet charts! Check it out too! Christmas Filet Crochet

The possibilities are endless with this beautiful technique.

Till next time, Stay creative and crochet More!


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