3 Angel Patterns for Crochet, Cro-tat and Tatting

Crochet angel pattern

The Christmas theme continues here with Crochet Angel patterns! One for Cro-tatting, one for Crocheting and one for tatting! So take your pick and make 1 or all. These are tiny angels perfect for jewelry, card or tag decorations or mini trees. I love them and they are very quick to make. So let’s get … Read more3 Angel Patterns for Crochet, Cro-tat and Tatting

Modifying Tatting Patterns for Cro-Tatting

Cro-tatting patterns! Modifying tatting patterns for cro-tatting is very easy!

Modifying Tatting Patterns for Cro-tatting (a.k.a. Crochet tatting) I hear it all the time! One of the major issues with cro-tatting a.k.a. is lack of patterns. As many tatters will tell you can not use shuttle tatting patterns for cro-tatting like you can with needle tatting. Below here is an earring I made using my shuttle, … Read moreModifying Tatting Patterns for Cro-Tatting