FREE Crochet Tatting Pattern {Video Demo!}

Crochet Tatting Earring Pattern

I’m so excited about this month’s Free Crochet tatting Pattern! Who doesn’t love making earrings! This cro-tatting (aka crochet tatting I use these names interchangeably) pattern can be made super simple without beads or you can add beads for a bit more flash! I’ve decided to post an original crochet tatting earring pattern every month. … Read moreFREE Crochet Tatting Pattern {Video Demo!}

Tatted & Cro-tat Christmas Tree Earring Pattern

Cro-tatting Christmas Tree Earrings pattern! Super cute and easy! FREE Pattern

Most of us are in the final stages of completing gifts at this point in the season. If you’re like me you haven’t got near as much done as you had hoped and Amazon is starting to look pretty good for some stocking stuffers at the least! But wait! Lots of Cro-tat patterns are super … Read moreTatted & Cro-tat Christmas Tree Earring Pattern

Crochet Tatting Snowflake Earring Pattern

Cro-tatting pattern

This months crochet tatting earring pattern is Snowflakes! Hopefully, you aren’t tired of snowflakes after last weeks  Snowflake Pattern Roundup  I like these cute little earrings for many reasons. They are fast and make great gifts and they can be worn throughout winter, not just for the holidays. Most tatting patterns can be used with any … Read moreCrochet Tatting Snowflake Earring Pattern

Lacey Cro-Tat Headband Pattern

Cro-tatting pattern for lacey head band

What girl doesn’t love a cute headband? This cro-tat headband pattern is so easy and the perfect gift for almost any girl you know! Summer, Winter, spring or fall you can wear this lovely tatted headband any time of year! But with Christmas coming up fast, this fast, easy tatting pattern will make some nice … Read moreLacey Cro-Tat Headband Pattern

Modifying Tatting Patterns for Cro-Tatting

Cro-tatting patterns! Modifying tatting patterns for cro-tatting is very easy!

Modifying Tatting Patterns for Cro-tatting (a.k.a. Crochet tatting) I hear it all the time! One of the major issues with cro-tatting a.k.a. is lack of patterns. As many tatters will tell you can not use shuttle tatting patterns for cro-tatting like you can with needle tatting. Below here is an earring I made using my shuttle, … Read moreModifying Tatting Patterns for Cro-Tatting

Cro-tatting Jewelry and Crochet Thread Choices

Crochet thread and cro-tatting jewelry

OHHHH we crocheters and fiber artist LOVE our yarn stashes! As a cro-tatter or lace crocheter, you will love having a stash of crochet thread too! So colorful and delicate.. but as with yarn, not all threads are created equal. Threads to fit the project Here below is the same cro-tatting flower pattern done in 3 … Read moreCro-tatting Jewelry and Crochet Thread Choices