Cro-Tat Resource Library

Cro-Tat Resource Library

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This page will be a work in progress for the Ultimate Cro-Tat Library as I continue to add more resources as I find them. 

Cro-Tat Tutorials and Patterns

Annie’s Cro-tatting Books Annie’s has been publishing cro-tatting books for many years. This page has some of their current books available.

Enfys (Rainbow Valley) This generous lady offers a free ebook, coordinating videos on youtube and some free patterns on cro-tatting.

Middia.Net  This site is in Polish but thanks to googling translate and her wonderful diagrams its a most useful site for cro-tatting. There are free patterns and tutorials. I learned a lot for this site.

Teddys Cro-Tat Tutorial Also not in English but Google does a nice job of translating from German.

Agnes Cro-tatting There isn’t much here but I think these examples of cro-tatting jewelry are beautiful!

Ravelry Yes, Ravelry has a few cro-tat patterns listed. Most are by Helen Free at Rainbow Valley But there are a few other examples.

Prym cro-tatting Tutorial and free pattern  Nice PDF , good pictures and nice pattern

Tatting the Chain technique 

There is just not alot in English on this method. I bought the Japanese books and learned from the diagrams. Info in Materials section on purchasing them. I do have a Pinterest board with cro-tatting, examples of tatting chains and some pictures from the books.

Cro-tatting Pinterest board

I made a short simple video with my phone showing how to pull up the loop and tat the chains with a double-ended hook.

Video of Tatting Chains with a Hook

Tatting Hooks and Threads

Annie’s Threads  I love Annie’s and have been a member of their site for years. They carry 3 kinds of threads. Their customer service is excellent.

Lacis   I love Lacis 1.4 double ended cro-tatting hook as it allows to tat those chains too if I want. They also carry Takashima books. I have not had the best customer service from this company though.

Handy Hands Any tatting adventure, no matter if its shuttle, needle, cro or hook should begin with a free catalog from Handy hands! They send you a free catalog, generous thread samples and free tatting patterns! Which can be used for hook, needle or shuttle and even cro-tatting if you modify them. Tons of Lizbeth threads! Love them

DS9 Designs  She carries some lacis hooks for cro-tatting. Excellent prices on threads.

Videos On YouTube

Crotat Not in English but watching others do a technique helps me to get it sometimes more than seeing a picture or reading about it.

Cro-tat earring tutorial  also not in English but very easy to follow to make these cute and super fast cro-tatted earrings!

Cro-tat butterfly video nope not in English! But very easy to follow!

Cro-tat Bow pendant  same lady. Super simple cro-tatted bow!

Rainbow Valley Direct link to the videos that go with Helen’s cro-tatting ebook. Yes, she speaks English 🙂

Online Courses for Tatting, Crochet and more!

Since Cro-tatting is a method of tatting that is combined often with crochet stitches its a good idea to know how to crochet. Crocheting is one of my most favorite things! I’ve advanced my skills (for tatting and crochet) tremendously through online courses from the experts in these crafts. I highly recommend both craftsy and Annie’s online courses. Here are some I’ve personally taken to expand my knowledge of these wonderful arts. Both have great monthly options if you’re like me and are constantly looking to learn more.  It’s free to sign up for an account. Both send coupons and have sales all the time.

Beginning Shuttle Tatting Course with patterns and completed projects! This is how I learned to shuttle tat. With this course Beginner Shuttle Tatting from Craftsy. I learned a lot from this little course.

This class on Mastering Foundation Crochet was a game changer! For my crochet and my cro-tatting. A foundation chain is sometimes the perfect combination of stitches for cro-tatted items. I love this course Foundation Chains Course from Craftsy


FREE Patterns for Cro-Tatting On My Site

Beginner Cro-Tat Earrings Pattern

Cro-tatting Halloween Jewelry Set

Cro-tat Lacey Headband

Cro-tat Angel Earrings

Cro-tatting Snowflake Pattern

Cro-tatting Christmas Tree

Cro-Tat earrings with video demo

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