Vintage Stitch Crochet Scarf

Vintage Stitch Crochet Scarf

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Finding beginner crochet patterns that are pretty and interesting can be a challenge! Which is why I’ve decided to write up and share this vintage stitch crochet scarf pattern. It’s lovely and lacy looking. But super simple! Using only single crochets and chain stitches! The barest basics we begin with when learning crochet.

I’ve included a few pictures to help along the way. Though I’m now a fairly advanced crocheter this is still my go-to pattern when I want something simple and quick but also elegant and interesting.

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Vintage Crochet Stitches

The stitch pattern is called the Arch Stitch. I found this stitch in an old vintage copy of Mon Tricot magazine that belonged to my late mother-in-law. There is something special about those old crochet publications to me! I’ve learned so much from them through the years!

It’s the very first scarf pattern I wrote! I came up with it 10 years ago when I learned to crochet so I know it’s super simple! There are 2 crocheted scarf pictures in the featured image of my post. The darker brown one I made 10 years ago and the lighter one I made last week!

It’s timeless and quick. I never get tired of wearing that first scarf and I’m sure the second will be the same way. I’ve made countless versions of this scarf for retail sales and gifts. It’s that quick!

So now the pattern…

Vintage Arch Stitch Crochet Pattern

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver in Latte Stripes (the original scarf was also crocheted in super saver) Most any weight yarn works with this stitch. Worsted weight 4 is to me the easiest yarn for a beginner to work with

Hook: H hook  (any size hook can work depending on the yarn/hook combo)

Stitch Pattern: Arch stitch from vintage Mon Tricot magazine

Starting Row 1 : Chain 24

Row 2: SC in 8th Chain from hook, *ch 5, skip 3 ch, SC in next chain* Repeat from * across

vintage stitch crochet scarf

Row 3: *Ch 5, SC in center of chain 5. (the 3rd chain stitch) Repeat * across.

Row 4: Repeat row 3 until the desired length you want is reached.

Block, add fringe if you want to! That’s it! and you have a lacy beautiful scarf!

The straight lines here represent SC the oval are chains

Blocking Crochet Projects

Below is a photo of unblocked and the scarf being blocked. You do not have to block this pattern if you don’t want too.

However, stitches will open and relax, looking lacier and professionally finished if you do!

If you don’t understand blocking here’s a great tutorial from Annie’s How to Block 

I personally love blocking and seeing my projects take shape! Adds to the fun of the revealed finished project for me!

Here’s a picture of the scarf before blocking…
and here a picture during blocking
Vintage crochet being blocked
Blocking causing the stitches to open beautifully!

More Finishing Touches For Crochet Scarves


Not everyone likes fringe. I love it though! I think it adds another ‘finished’ component to most scarves. It also adds a bit of drama and flair!

Adding fringe can be done in different ways for different effects. I usually do the easiest method which is also the fastest for me.

For this fringe, I added a simple tassel fringe on the bottom in the 3 skipped chains. Here is a great tutorial on 3 different types of fringe you can add. 3 Types of Fringe


For those who hate fringe just block and leave as is or you could add a border all around of a simple single crochet to give a more finished look.

Or you could get fancy and add a crochet edging pattern! Using crochet edges are something small you can do that can really add a different effect to your vintage scarf project or any project!

Maybe you’re making 2 scarves using your favorite crochet pattern. You want them to look different because these 2 people know each other. Sure you can use different colors of yarn but adding a different edging to each scarf can really impact the look differently!

Here is a link of 5 different edges you can use to make 2 of the same pattern look different!

5 Crochet Edges to Try on your crochet projects

Vintage Stitch, Modern Crochet Scarf!

The finished Scarf in Latte Stripes!

FREE Vintage Stitch Crochet Scarf Pattern

More Beginner Crochet Projects

I have other easy crochet projects on my website for you to try out if you’d like to take a look!

This handbag is made with art yarn but is also perfect for bulky yarns. It’s a Drawstring Handbag. Nice and easy for beginners or more advanced crocheters looking for something quick to make!

Easy Chunky Crochet Hat in 20 Minutes! Probably one of my favorites for resale! Because it’s fast to make and always sells! It’s made with bulky yarns or you can hold strands together of lighter weight yarns! This can make for unique coloring! Great pattern for those looking to get a good ROI for their time in the crochet sales business.

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Hope this was easy to understand for everyone. If you have any questions please message me on my facebook page here Handworks From The Heart.

Please share this free pattern to your favorite Pinterest boards and groups for others who may be looking for a beginner crochet scarf pattern using a vintage style stitch!

Check back if you like learning vintage stitch crochet patterns because I’m going to be doing a whole series on them from my collection of vintage books. Speciafficly Mon Tricot.

I will include a simple FREE Crochet Pattern to go with each stitch too!

Have a blessed and creative day!

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